Cost of Website maintenance in Singapore

cost of web maintenance

The online business is increasing with the demand of the market. There are different numbers of people who are taking their business online to cater to a different number of audiences. Most people are not aware that maintain a server is also important and it could cost them money. The cost of using different service will be higher depending upon their features. It is a myth that setting and running an online site is a one time cost. There are different types of maintenance that an online site requires. These are the different things that could cost you money while building an online site.

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Choosing a Domain Name – A domain name is the address of the site where you are publishing your content. The name of your domain can cost you according to their availability or your needs. The name of your domains varies from .com, .org, .net and .sg. It can be anything you want if you pay the right price. The bigger the business you want, the better the domains you should choose. You have to pay for a domain every year which is very important to maintain the service of your site.

Site Hosting – This is another expense which comes with setting up and online site. There are different types of plans that a hosting service provides to their users. This can be very tricky for people to choose the plan which suits them the most. You should always go for a hosting service which is user-friendly, and you can maintain it easily. There are two types of hosting you can choose from. First is the shared hosting and the other is dedicated hosting. This also comes under the Cost of Website maintenance in Singapore. In shared hosting, you will have a shared server, and in dedicated you will have one of your own. The dedicated one is more preferable and faster.

Creating a Site – You can create your site easily using different advanced web development websites. There are many websites which will provide you with easy site building options. They are very user-friendly services. You can create a fully working website within a few hours. There are many options where you can upgrade your services to get a better website.

Different Features – The website you are creating should provide your features like uploading high definition pictures and videos. This is an important function to advertise your product on the site you need to upload its pictures or videos. There can be many copyright issues which can come with your images. So you will need an excellent web hosting service which will provide you with these features. These features can become Cost of Website maintenance in Singapore so that you will have the latest and advanced features.

Maintenance and Upgrades – There are different types of maintenance cost that a site requires. There can be upgraded to various features which can improve your client services. There are different features like creating a new page, replicating a current page, making different changes to a page, updating or removing plugins, adding widgets, adding pictures and videos or social media links.

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