How to improve a Website Structure

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In this business world, one of the giant weapon which can successfully act as a catalyst in all the revenue procedure is the development of a website for all the required marketing purpose. The SEO or the search engine optimization is a massive marketing tactic that proves to be vital in the success of the business through the electronic world. So the main motive behind developing a website comes down to the enhancement of the SEO. For this purpose, the structure of the website needs to be sublime. The site structure forms the heart of any particular website that deals with numerous contents for business and marketing purposes.

So what do we exactly mean by the term Site Structure? We can define it as the linkage between the various pages and subpages. It is quite natural to find a plethora of subpages which solely focus on a particular content. So linking of each of the subpages seems to be a necessity for the purpose of enhancement of SEO. A good site structure gives rise to a tremendous user experience among the internet crawlers in this world.

In this article, we’ll guide you through certain parameters and steps to be kept in mind in order to improve the site structure. Do have a read!


  • The Design of the PERFECT HIERARCHY is KEY:

On the behalf of an internet user, we can define the web content as the technical, visual and the functional knowhow of certain tools like sounds, images, and links associated with a particular webpage.

So the integration or organization of a site structure plays a crucial role. The organization is mainly done in 2 ways: Horizontal and vertical. The site can be categorized depending on the peculiar traits. Further, these can be sub-divided into sub-categories which initiate the vertical hierarchy. The distribution of elements and divisions must be even in order to achieve a peachy user experience. Moreover, the sub-categories must in complete relevance under the category of which it is dedicated. A uniform link structure seems to be the perfect solution for the purpose of enhancement of SEO. The design of hierarchy must be such that the process of navigation from a certain main menu becomes pretty easy on the part of the crawler/internet user.

  • Proper organization of URL:

Further improvement in site structure can be enhanced if there exist a proper organization of the URL structure of a particular website. The URL must be in accordance with the design of the level of hierarchy in order to attain relative ease of usage by an internet user.

  • The invaluable importance of NAVIGATION:

One of the major factors which estimate the rate of success in developing a site and enhancing SEO is the procedure of navigation. The navigation guide refers to the way in which a crawler goes through all the content and databases of the all the desired products or any stuffs which he searches for. In a website, we find numerous links as well as categories which guide us into what we are really looking for. So, developing a navigation sitemap is essential.

  • Use of additional pages/tags:

The main work of a search engine is to specifically guide a user to reach the suitable destination as soon as possible. So, mentioning all the non-essential requirements and other referred sources and including all them through means of certain tags or maybe even some additional pages help in the process of enhancing the SEO, thus improving the site structure. The amount of duplicate content needs to be avoided as this becomes tough on the part of the search engine in order to guide a user into your website and view the content. Any content might possess multiple locations.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven to be trendy in the recent past and dealing well with all the improvement methods and actually inculcating them has been the need of the hour. A solid site structure helps in achieving paramount success for a website developer and adds directly to all the revenues and profits. Therefore, one might find the above mentioned procedures really conducive while planning onto improving the structure of a website.

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