How much do you think an SEO campaign should cost in Singapore?

cost of doing seo

There are many factors which lead to the costing of a good SEO campaign. Let’s first go through what constitutes a good SEO campaign to judge what is a good and reasonable price for it.

The process that a great SEO marketing consultant firm will go through is as such:

1) Understanding your business (industry, target customers, product/services)

2) Researching for suitable keywords which are relevant to your company as well as having searches

3) Finding out what the current search engine results page (SERP) your website is ranking for the targeted keywords/phrases

4) Analyzing your competition level and then providing you a quotation

5) After you sign up with them, they will start work for you

Here’s what the work will consist of if they’re a great marketing consultancy firm:

i) Analyze your on-site factors such as title tag, meta tags, meta keywords and overall site code and structure

ii) Make necessary changes to your on-site factors according to the above analysis

iii) Consistently building relevant and high quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites steadily over time

iv) Writing fresh, fully original, and relevant content and backlinking to your site

iv) Building social signals over time

v) Analyze your competition and SEO-results and adjusting your SEO campaign accordingly to that

Steps iii and iv are much more tedious than most people think it is, simply because the (white hat and legitimate) marketing consultants need to constantly produce fresh content on other relevant websites and linking back to you with diverse, relevant and semantic anchor text keywords consistently over a long period of time (usually at least 2-3 months)


Most companies charge a monthly retainer fee of between (mid-high) 3 figures to (low-mid) 4 figures.

The costs will go up if you are in a super competitive niche and/or your website’s current ranking.

Also, generally speaking, the number of keywords and type of value proposition of the marketing consulting company will affect the costs as well.

Some guarantee pages 1/2, some don’t. However, if you’re signing up with a SEO company that does not guarantee page 1/2 rankings and/or improvements, then you’re basically gambling. Because even if you gave them $1 / month, there is no results and you lose that $1. There is no difference if it is $1 or $10000 because you don’t see results of any kind and you still lost money.

Pretty much the same thing.

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