What you should know about Technical Aspects of SEO

technical aspect of seo

Let us consider any motor/generator which deals with conversion of energy. It has high ratings and necessary supplies. But the inner windings are weak. Will it be able to run at full efficiency? Will it deliver the required power? Quite naturally the answer is NO. The same goes for the search engine optimization process as well. The SEO deals with the optimization of a website in order to increase the rank amongst the most searched websites as per the statistics provided by various search engines. No questioning about the fact the quality of content in a webpage in a site is crucial but you just can’t overlook the importance the technical aspects in search engine optimization (SEO) process possess. The SEO can be considered as a total project or campaign that involves both the quality of content part as well as the technical aspect in SEO. The technical search engine optimization can be defined as the method undertaken by an expert in dealing with the compatibility of a particular website in accordance with the available search engine options for the proper viewing as well indexing of the content and ranking as well.

In this article, we will have a glance at all the major technical aspects a SEO contains.


The technical aspect in the SEO process can be broadly categorized into 2 basic divisions, namely OFF-PAGE aspect and ON-PAGE aspect. These divisions combine together to focus on the process where a search engine indexes the entire web content and the crawling of the particular website. We all are certainly well aware of the On Page aspect which deals primarily with the content of the webpage, the selection of certain keywords which act as catalyst in the process of web-trafficking and also improving the user experience. The Off Page aspect deals with the behavior of the search engine towards the website on the basis of comparison between websites.

So what all exactly are the various SEO technical aspects?


It is mandatory to for an in-depth study of any issue regarding any hindrance to the crawling. When a search engine goes through a website, it is necessary to find out if anything comes in the way and acts as any sort of hindrance. A SEO audit proves to be quite helpful in this regard.


This happens to be one of the basic technical aspects in SEO. We often find that the same content is available at multiple locations. Though it is easy on the part of the one who is searching for that particular content, but it becomes difficult on the part of the search engine as it cannot provide the assurance that the user is guided to your website for viewing the content. So, it is an important issue to be taken care of.


It can be safely concluded that the ranking of the website according to the search engines is in direct relation with the speed at which the webpage loads the content. The crawlers are impatient in this fast growing digital world. So time is a major factor. A good page loading rate leads to increase in revenues.


We have seen that the success to SEO lies in the selection of keywords. Moreover, the keywords are included clearly in the URL nowadays, which was not possible earlier. The users get easy access to the stuff they are searching for just by clicking on the URL link.


The new era of mobile search has taken a huge step forward in dealing with the viewing of the web content. One must optimize this issue so that a mobile phone user can have easy and proper access to whatever he queries for. Various tools have been developed in order to check this.


It can be quite certainly pointed out that the need of the hour is how to deal with all the SEO technical aspects. Optimization of all the technical aspects possible will result in the desired success in the field of SEO procedure. This will lead to increase in sales and profits for any individual or any organization.

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