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Must be well aware of the term ‘blogger’, aren’t you?

Writing is an art and one who masters this art indubitably rules the blogging world. Coming across the term SEO, we can refer it as the procedure of ensuring the visibility of a website through a channel which is called as the search engine. So what really is referred to as the SEO-FRIENDLY article? An article on blogs or online platform is certainly far more different than articles written on paper. It requires highly specialized skills in order to gain popularity in the internet world. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

Getting a website for business purpose is one thing and running it successfully is a completely different context. The SEO content deals with 2 major parts, which is derived from the name itself. One is the process of optimization of the search engine and the other one being the content of the articles which involves all the required databases and information an internet user searches while surfing.

Have a read at the following under mentioned information which might prove conducive to you regarding the improvement in writing a SEO-friendly article.



The cream of the content lies very well in the use of headings as well as required sub-headings of the article in order to achieve SEO-friendly tag. The websites that deal with SEO articles are mostly magazines-styled. So the content seems to be quite long. So, on the part of a reader, it proves to be really boring and uninteresting if it lacks catchy headings and subheadings. So that’s certainly a crucial point to be taken care of.


The ranking of your article by a search engine is directly in relation to the use of the keywords you put up in your content. The selection of the keywords plays a vital role in the success of the article. The selection should be such that the keywords must possess important relevance and basic information in regard to the content on which the article is associated with. The search engine manages its function by searching the articles through the means of keywords only. It does this following specific algorithm. So we see that keyword selection is indeed crucial in obtaining a SEO-friendly article. Long tail keywords act as catalyst in this process.


One of the key points to be taken utmost care of is the concept of plagiarism which indicates the percentage of originality in the content. All the plag-free articles tend to acquire more viewers in comparison with the copied ones. Alongside, the article must possess a high quality content in order to be heavily searched and viewed because the internet world seeks quality all over. So one must consolidate on the quality of content after taking care of all the plagiarism.

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In order to make the article look sumptuously readable and popular, one must be able to make use to certain tools like outlook as well as perfect pictures. Courtesy of outlook, a user can get easy notification for what he/she is really into while surfing. Images also attract internet users as they get a brief idea of whatever they are searching for. So these are additional items in order to achieve the tag of an SEO-friendly article.


The main task of any major search engine is to rank all the websites according to certain parameters. The parameters include the above mentioned points such as the quality of content, the appropriate selection of keywords, the amount of plagiarism and the additional use of images and other valuable details. The main motive is to attract the web-traffic which means attracting more number of viewers to your developed website which includes SEO-friendly articles. It’s really not that easy as it sounds. As we have mentioned earlier, writing is an art and it certainly requires highly specialized skills in order to attain mastery. Keeping the discussed points in mind, one might find the key to write an idiosyncratic SEO-friendly article.

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What you should know about Technical Aspects of SEO

technical aspect of seo

Let us consider any motor/generator which deals with conversion of energy. It has high ratings and necessary supplies. But the inner windings are weak. Will it be able to run at full efficiency? Will it deliver the required power? Quite naturally the answer is NO. The same goes for the search engine optimization process as well. The SEO deals with the optimization of a website in order to increase the rank amongst the most searched websites as per the statistics provided by various search engines. No questioning about the fact the quality of content in a webpage in a site is crucial but you just can’t overlook the importance the technical aspects in search engine optimization (SEO) process possess. The SEO can be considered as a total project or campaign that involves both the quality of content part as well as the technical aspect in SEO. The technical search engine optimization can be defined as the method undertaken by an expert in dealing with the compatibility of a particular website in accordance with the available search engine options for the proper viewing as well indexing of the content and ranking as well.

In this article, we will have a glance at all the major technical aspects a SEO contains.


The technical aspect in the SEO process can be broadly categorized into 2 basic divisions, namely OFF-PAGE aspect and ON-PAGE aspect. These divisions combine together to focus on the process where a search engine indexes the entire web content and the crawling of the particular website. We all are certainly well aware of the On Page aspect which deals primarily with the content of the webpage, the selection of certain keywords which act as catalyst in the process of web-trafficking and also improving the user experience. The Off Page aspect deals with the behavior of the search engine towards the website on the basis of comparison between websites.

So what all exactly are the various SEO technical aspects?


It is mandatory to for an in-depth study of any issue regarding any hindrance to the crawling. When a search engine goes through a website, it is necessary to find out if anything comes in the way and acts as any sort of hindrance. A SEO audit proves to be quite helpful in this regard.


This happens to be one of the basic technical aspects in SEO. We often find that the same content is available at multiple locations. Though it is easy on the part of the one who is searching for that particular content, but it becomes difficult on the part of the search engine as it cannot provide the assurance that the user is guided to your website for viewing the content. So, it is an important issue to be taken care of.


It can be safely concluded that the ranking of the website according to the search engines is in direct relation with the speed at which the webpage loads the content. The crawlers are impatient in this fast growing digital world. So time is a major factor. A good page loading rate leads to increase in revenues.


We have seen that the success to SEO lies in the selection of keywords. Moreover, the keywords are included clearly in the URL nowadays, which was not possible earlier. The users get easy access to the stuff they are searching for just by clicking on the URL link.


The new era of mobile search has taken a huge step forward in dealing with the viewing of the web content. One must optimize this issue so that a mobile phone user can have easy and proper access to whatever he queries for. Various tools have been developed in order to check this.


It can be quite certainly pointed out that the need of the hour is how to deal with all the SEO technical aspects. Optimization of all the technical aspects possible will result in the desired success in the field of SEO procedure. This will lead to increase in sales and profits for any individual or any organization.

How to improve a Website Structure

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In this business world, one of the giant weapon which can successfully act as a catalyst in all the revenue procedure is the development of a website for all the required marketing purpose. The SEO or the search engine optimization is a massive marketing tactic that proves to be vital in the success of the business through the electronic world. So the main motive behind developing a website comes down to the enhancement of the SEO. For this purpose, the structure of the website needs to be sublime. The site structure forms the heart of any particular website that deals with numerous contents for business and marketing purposes.

So what do we exactly mean by the term Site Structure? We can define it as the linkage between the various pages and subpages. It is quite natural to find a plethora of subpages which solely focus on a particular content. So linking of each of the subpages seems to be a necessity for the purpose of enhancement of SEO. A good site structure gives rise to a tremendous user experience among the internet crawlers in this world.

In this article, we’ll guide you through certain parameters and steps to be kept in mind in order to improve the site structure. Do have a read!


  • The Design of the PERFECT HIERARCHY is KEY:

On the behalf of an internet user, we can define the web content as the technical, visual and the functional knowhow of certain tools like sounds, images, and links associated with a particular webpage.

So the integration or organization of a site structure plays a crucial role. The organization is mainly done in 2 ways: Horizontal and vertical. The site can be categorized depending on the peculiar traits. Further, these can be sub-divided into sub-categories which initiate the vertical hierarchy. The distribution of elements and divisions must be even in order to achieve a peachy user experience. Moreover, the sub-categories must in complete relevance under the category of which it is dedicated. A uniform link structure seems to be the perfect solution for the purpose of enhancement of SEO. The design of hierarchy must be such that the process of navigation from a certain main menu becomes pretty easy on the part of the crawler/internet user.

  • Proper organization of URL:

Further improvement in site structure can be enhanced if there exist a proper organization of the URL structure of a particular website. The URL must be in accordance with the design of the level of hierarchy in order to attain relative ease of usage by an internet user.

  • The invaluable importance of NAVIGATION:

One of the major factors which estimate the rate of success in developing a site and enhancing SEO is the procedure of navigation. The navigation guide refers to the way in which a crawler goes through all the content and databases of the all the desired products or any stuffs which he searches for. In a website, we find numerous links as well as categories which guide us into what we are really looking for. So, developing a navigation sitemap is essential.

  • Use of additional pages/tags:

The main work of a search engine is to specifically guide a user to reach the suitable destination as soon as possible. So, mentioning all the non-essential requirements and other referred sources and including all them through means of certain tags or maybe even some additional pages help in the process of enhancing the SEO, thus improving the site structure. The amount of duplicate content needs to be avoided as this becomes tough on the part of the search engine in order to guide a user into your website and view the content. Any content might possess multiple locations.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven to be trendy in the recent past and dealing well with all the improvement methods and actually inculcating them has been the need of the hour. A solid site structure helps in achieving paramount success for a website developer and adds directly to all the revenues and profits. Therefore, one might find the above mentioned procedures really conducive while planning onto improving the structure of a website.

Basics of SEO

basics of seo

Quite popularly abbreviated as ‘SEO’, the Search Engine Optimization is referred to as the methodology of ensuring the visibility of one’s website and its respective content on the pages of the giant search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. These pages are otherwise known as the search engine results pages (SERPs). As the name suggests, it is a process where the main motive is to optimize a method or maybe a series of methods in order to ensure the visibility of the concerned contents of the website of a developer. One of the basic term associated with the SEO method is the ‘Organic results’- meaning those results which appear naturally on the webpage and are unpaid. It is quite natural that people search for a plethora of stuffs while surfing. Another term which is in regard in this context is ‘traffic’. This is completely a business oriented procedure where one developer or any business employee seeks to leverage SEO in order to attract more specific traffic, thus attaining revenue and profit during the process. The search engine optimization has proven to be a compulsory marketing strategy in order to compete in this super fast world.

Let’s discuss the basics required in the method of search engine optimization.


It is absolutely no brainer that the giant search engines like Google and Yahoo run the whole market of web traffic even though there’s scope available in reference with certain social media and other referral sources. But quite naturally, the search engine is the ultimate place where one starts his/her search query. The search query is extraordinarily fatal in the SEO process.

When an Internet user enters certain words/phrases, the search engine begins the process of navigation of the traffic to the suitable website. So basically the search engines act as the link or channel between the user’s demand and one’s website. The site structure comes into play following the search query. A website must be developed and optimized in such a way that the search engine will successfully guide a user to it without looking for any other option.

For the process of navigation, there exist numerous algorithm methods which are initiated and followed accordingly in the SEO process. Your site must contain specific databases and features of any business product or stuff that proves conducive in the search process when one enters certain keywords in a search engine. The contribution of SEO has proven to be massive in this business world. The stakes are really high in terms of popularity of websites in the market. This is directly in proportion to all the revenues and profits. So, certain paid methods are also available where the SEO is done. The search engines are rapid enough to crawl deeply into websites due to colossal advancements in the technology used for the purpose of navigation.

The search engines look for pages that contain real specific as well as relevant information about the desired search query of a user. It is completely based on the keywords typed in by him or her. So what SEO demands is the quality of the website, which is referred to as the close proximity of the keywords one can develop in order to make the search engine guide the user to his/her website and thus drive the web-traffic quite well. There are plenty of websites which deal with the same stuff which one searches about. And in this very busy world, no one has time! Whatever appears on top seems to be the solution the user. So, the SEO has become a necessity than a luxury.


The Search Engine Optimization procedure deals with the proper relevance, specific information, and healthy promotion in order to march ahead to the path of business success by ensuring the visibility of one’s website through a channel we already discussed called the search engine.

It has been a marketing tactic in order to compete against the mighty website developer for the purpose of exposure and promotion of stuffs and products through website.

The crawlers are impatient while it comes to internet surfing. So SEO process has proven to be the real deal in the recent past indeed.